Wedding Ceremony

The Wedding Ceremony: excellent to the church wedding

You are getting married and you favor wedding ceremonies by way of official ceremony… It is an excellent choice!!

Indeed, this kind of ceremony is an perfect alternative to a church ceremony. It is a ceremony more closer to you and your privacy. It is speaking about you, about your history, about your love encounter, about your couple

And yes, it is the type of a perfect ceremony. For all of those, who prefer to get married in a way which more appropriated to their spiritual and symbolic values. You can setting your ceremony in an atypical venue, outside, by the water, in the countryside, etc…

Several reasons exist to call on a wedding ceremony:

  • You are remarrying you
  • One of you is not baptized
  • You are getting pacsing
  • Your marriage comes to a round figure and you wish to renew your vows.


  • It is about a gay marriage,
  • A mixted marriage
  • It’s about a wedding with two differents cultures
  • A bilingual marriage.
  • Or more simply, after the city hall, you wish to extend the pleasure of this magical moment in front of your close family and friends, witnesses…

So in this case, the wedding ceremony is suiting you!!

Even or not you already have imagined your idillic venue of ceremony, Fine Events suggests you, thanks his good writing, to write the beginning of your history, in twos, between friends and/or family!

The wedding ceremony is more and more often chosen in France. For the same reasons the wedding ceremony, you can as well choose the baptem ceremony, after to have done the republican baptem in the city hall…

Fine Events, Your wedding ceremonies creator, create your magical moment…

Coaching of the celebrant

Coaching of the newlyweds

Coaching of the speakers

Writing of the ceremony

Creation and organization of the ceremony

Coordination of the speakers

Celebration of the ceremony

Sound system

(with DJ)

Sound system (without DJ) 

Arch & net curtain



deinstallation of the chairs

Fully version of the ceremony

Coordination of the Dday



of the  docoration

of the wedding

Unlimited advices

Package Idyll

From 500€

Package Passion

From 800€


Package Wild love

From 900€


Package Big Love




Package Soul mate



Include in the tarif

For the installation and the deinstallation of furniture on you ceremonys venue, an additionnal “installation and desinstallation package of furniture” of 2€ per chairs will be asked to you.

For further information, please consult the FAQ.

Ask us without any further delay a personalized estimate!

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