Fine Events - organisation de A à Z - full wedding planning - Rundumsorglos Planung

The agency takes care of the full wedding planning of your wedding.

This service is bespoke in order it’s matching at the best to your wishes and your desires!!

We are your Stress absorber!!

This option is matching to the full wedding planning. The agency Fine Events is as well as your stress absorber and therfore release you of headache linked to the full wedding planning of your wedding. The agency take car of everything and assist you as well to all the picked vendors meetings. At least one event coordinator will be present the d-day to insure the good coordination with vendors and guests. You will just have to fully enjoy yourself, your guests and your happiness without worrying about the unexpected.

We take care of the fully organization of your wedding, whether it is a church wedding or a wedding ceremony…

The full wedding planning facilitates your life!

What does this option includes

  • Initial complimentary consultation (through phone, face to face or Skype),
  • Providing professional referal’s vendor,
  • Schedule and attend vendor meetings,
  • Providing a list of questions for vendors meetings,
  • Attendance with menu selection and catering questions,
  • Work directly with vendors throughout planning process,
  • Finalization and attendance contracts between newlyweds & vendors,
  • Protocole and etiquette advices,
  • Attendance for budget‘s monitoring,
  • Creation of an organizationals plannings and checklists,
  • Advices, suggestions and recommendations throughout the preparation,
  • Attendance of an event coordinator, at least, the  big day,
  • Creative branding of the decoration of your wedding, according to the chosen


  • Coordination of the transportation schedule for the wedding procession and the guests
  • Assistance for the available rooms’ selection (hotels, campsites, gîtes or B&B) in the sourrounding of the venue of reception
  • Organization of the brunch (Provide for an extra in case of presence of your wedding planer the day of the brunch)

Ask us without any further delay a personalized estimate!!

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