Installation déco - Set up of the decoration - Installation der Dekoration

We are proposing too an “Set up of the decoration” extra,

because you will have really other things to do on the big day than install your decoration…

You wish to call upon to somebody to do the installation of the decoration? Fine Events consider that you will have a lot of things to do on the big day, or the day before,  other that to set up your decoration as take care of you or preparing you with your beauty treatment…

You already have found or tracked down all the decoration of your event but you won’t be available or will miss the time to install it because your are in the hands of the hairdresser or your beautician… No panic! Fine Events takes care of the set up of your decoration on the d-day or the day before your event. This way, you don’t have to preoccupate of this task anymore !

Fine Events - Décoration de mariage et évènementielle - Fully decoration - Komplette Dekoration

What does this extra “Set up of decoration” include:

(to reserve only with another service, except the fully decoration)

  • Visits of the venues of reception and/or ceremony in order to adapt the decoration according the places,
  • Obtain the official authorizations and to respect the security’s criterias
  • Delivery and/or reception of the material on the event’s venue,
  • Setting up of the decoration on the d-day or the day before the event,
  • Deinstallation of the material and the decoration (according the possibilities of the venue of reception)

Ask us without any further delay a personalized estimate!!!!

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