You have already found your celebrant but he doesn’t know how to start… The service Coaching is done for him…

You are getting married and you have in addition chosen a wedding ceremony by the way of official ceremony… It is an excellent choice!! To do it, you have picked a person among your close relatives, THE person you need to celebrate your ceremony but, here you are… the celebrant you’ve picked does not know how to start to organize and celebrate your  ceremony. No panic! We are here to coach your celebrant, in order to make onseself comfortable with the oral presentation of the ceremony. We accompany as well your speakers : we advice them, we propose them some texts, we bring them too our help and our advices for the writing of their speeches and so do we for the celebrant while we guiding you, accompanying you and coaching you!

Actually, we are proposing you the same preparation as in the “Coaching & celebration” package, without to be there and by giving you the keys of the ceremony on the big day…

We are coaching your ceremony celebrant…

What does this option include:

  • 3 appointments of preparation (through phone, face to face or Skype)
  • Creation of the ceremony
  • Texts proposal concerning the writing of the interventions (speech, religious and/or contemporary texts, poems),
  • Assistance to the writing of speeches,
  • Coaching of the celebrant to helping him to write the content of the ceremony
  • Assistance of the speakers to assist them to find or write the content of their speech,
  • Unlimited advices and meetings, according to their availabilities.

Ask us without further delay a personalized estimate!!

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