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Your wedding planner for the coordination of your Big Day wedding!!

Call upon also to a wedding planner to taking in charge the d-day coordination of your wedding!

You have already organized your wedding but you would like to be peaceful for this day and do not to have worried about the hassle of the d-day? So, this option suit you!

The agency proposes to you the attendance of one or several member (til 3) on your wedding day in order to insure the big day coordination for you (attendance from the preparation of the newlyweds until the bal opening).  We will be able also to insure of  a without wrong note organization with your vendors and your guests and allow you to take advantage at the maximum of your nearest and dearest throughout this day, in the best conditions, without to have worring of  relative hazards.

We are present in order to make sure about an organization without wrong notes the Big Day of your wedding…

Coordination JJ
Coordination JJ
Coordination JJ

What does this option includes:

  • Initial complimentary consultation (through phone, face to face to face or Skype) to know more about your expectations
  • Initial contact with vendors
  • Creation of a detailed and chronological planning of the day for newlyweds and vendors,
  • Confirmation of all the details and the chronology with vendors,
  • Attendance of an event coordinator until the bal opening,
  • On site assistance,
  • Collaboration and assistance with vendors for the resolution of eventual troubles,
  • Assistance to the newlyweds and their close relative and guests,
  • Assistance to the vendors deliveries,
  • Checking of the installation of the reception room and the ceremony venue,
  • Supervision of the seating plan layout,
  • Assistance for the details of the ceremony,
  • Assistance for the rehearsal of the ceremony (if needed),
  • Coordination of transportation schedule,
  • Checking to vendors they receive the finals payments,
  • Ensure of the proper conclusion of the event,

Create a stress-free wedding day!

Ask us without any further delay a personalized estimate!!

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