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Fine Events is located in town center of Quimper

Wedding Planner in Finistère, Morbihan and in Brittany

Fine Events is an Event Agency specialized in the wedding organization, wedding planner in Finistère, Morbihan and in Brittany. It has been created in last end 2016 ans is located in Quimper, capital of Cornwall, right in the center of South-Finistère.

Fine Events propose you his services in the organization of your wedding in Quimper, in Brittany, in the Finistère and in the Morbihan.. We propose you too the organization and the celebration of your wedding ceremony. Our wedding designer take responsibility furthermore for the decoration of your wedding.

The agency propose also an Event Planner & designer service. Thanks to our knowledge of the organization, we organize and decorate your private and/or professional events.

The agency covers weddings which take place in the Finistère and overall in Brittany too …

These services stretch overall the Finistère department but not only… We go as well overall in Brittany and even in the bordering regions !

The agency is open from 10 AM to 7 PM from Monday till Saturday

Spoken languages: French, English, German

Your agency has been integrated into Assocem since the end of 2020. In addition to being a member of Assocem (ASSOCiation of Wedding Consultants), we are also responsible for Brittany Assocem-Pole.

Double reason to trust us: Admission as a member of Assocem is a guarantee of the quality of our know-how, as we are selected before joining and must adhere to a charter of quality and seriousness.

Delphine Petit
Wedding Planer, Wedding Designer & Officiant

Certified Wedding Planner et Wedding Designer at the International Wedding Institute of Paris

Since I was very young, I was filled with wonder by the beautiful tables, the art of entertaining generally speaking. It was also quite naturally that at the age of 17, I began Hotel and Catering Studies combining work and study. Furthermore, after completing the training with a bartender mention. Then, I started work on a campsite at the reception desk.

25 years of experience in Hotel-Catering Business and in the Event

All these professional experiences, in connection closely or remotely with the special event management, encouraged me then to open my own agency. I decided to take advantage of all my know-how and my knowledges in this activity sector.

Since always, the people close to me approached me for the organization of evenings, dinner, week-end in family or for the realization of the decoration of a wedding, a birthday or a retirement start, a dinner family.

So, in order to acquire basis in the organization of wedding and events, I am trained by integrating the International Wedding Institute in Paris. Wedding Planners & Designers are teaching us the job.

These two trainings allowed me to acquire knowledge thanks to the wealth of information given during the classes. They thus allowed me to start my activity of organizer and decorator of weddings and events in a professional way. It also allowed me to strengthen my skills thanks to the wise advice given by the trainers.

My personality: passionate, spontaneous and dynamic. I love make people happy. Additionnaly, I propose to you to take the most of my professionalism, of my experience and my joie de vivre in order to handle successfully the organization of your event.

Spoken languages: French, English, German

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Assistant wedding planner, designer and ceremony

Elisabeth is my chef-assistant on all the weddings the agency is responsible. She'll be by your side for welcoming you, accompanying yuou and guiding you on the X-day...

Fine Events - L'agence The agency
Fine Events - L'agence The agency
Fine Events - L'agence The agency
Fine Events - L'agence The agency

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