Fine Events - Coaching et célébration - Coaching and celebration

The service Coaching and Celebration is suiting you if you would like to marry you through a wedding ceremony with a professional officiant. You habe picked a wedding ceremony by way of official ceremony… It is a excellent choice!! It is indeed the ceremony which seems the most to your image and to your couple for your wedding…

Your agency Fine Events will enjoy to accompanying you and bring all its expertise and its advices during the preparation of your ceremony. We are coaching as well the speakers who would like to participate to the ceremony to testify you their love and their friendship.

While your marriage in the city hall, we take in charge then the installation of the decoration on the venue of ceremony you will picked according to the theme of your wedding and which you will put at our disposal in a well-kept place!!… According to your will, we will prepare your magical venue…

What does the option “coaching and celebration” include?

  • Initial complimentary consultation (through phone, face-to-face or Skype) to know more about your expectations,

  • Preparation of the ceremony,

  • Texts proposal for the vows’ writing,

  • Coaching of the speakers and of the newlyweds for helping them to find or write the content of their speech,

  • Welcome of guests and coordination of the speakers,

  • Celebration of the ceremony,

  • Creation of the ceremony’s program (printing costs are additionnal)

  • Creation of the technical frame of the ceremony, (interventions’ summary, back-schedule…),

  • Unlimited advices and regular monitoring (as much for the newlyweds as the speakers),

  • Installation of the decoration on site,

  • Hand-over of the ceremony’s full version after the wedding,

According to the will of newlyweds, the commitments’ certificate will be offered by the agency.

Ask us without further delay a personalized estimate!!

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