Fine Events - Évènements privés anniversaires baby shower- private events

Your agency coordinate all of your private events

She organize private events such as birthdays, babyshower, bachelor party…

Let see further down what she is proposing…

Marriage proposal

Marriage Proposal

You need some ideas or help for an unexpected marriage proposal evening … Call upon to Fine Events, we will accompany you in your step to insure you a big Yes!!

Bachelor party

Bachelor Party

Your bestmen or bridesmaid are looking for original ideas to organize your bachelor or bachelorette party? We help them to organize your fabulous last night as single!!

Wedding anniversary

Wedding's birthdays

Your wedding birthday’s date is coming soon… We accompany you in this event with a renewal of vows and your revisited marriage …

Baby Shower

Baby Shower

The Baby-Shower is done before the birth. It is generally celebrate between the 7th and the 8th month of pregnancy. So we organize where we are degusting some cakes and where some gifts are giving…

Sip and see

Sip and see

The sip and see takes place after the child’s birth and all the close relatives, the friends are invited to come and meet the baby in a same place and in the same day! It’s the occasion for the new parents to present their baby and have a drink to celebrate the birth…

Gender reveal party

Gender Reveal Party

A gender reveal party is a party organized by the parents of an unborn child during which the sex of the latter is revealed to some of the participants.

Babyshower planning in Quimper, in Finistère et in Morbihan

Child anniversary

Birthday's child

You want to organize your child anniversary but you don’t know how to start? We are here to help you for the organization of this beautiful day…

Adult's birthday

Adult's birthday

The birthday of your husband/wife , or even one of your friend is striding along among a key-figure that cannot be ignored… We organize et designed it!

Fine Events, the expertise of your private events organization…



That’s it !! It is the end!! Congrats!! Now it’s time to celebrate your well-deserved rest with an especial and a relaxation evening  to mark the official end of your career…

And for every other private events you wish to prepare but for which you are time-poor, please contact the agency! We will enjoy to accompanying you in the realization of your event…

Ask us without any further delay a personalized estimate!!

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